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Recruitment can be a scary process – mounds of paperwork, time-consuming interviews and follow-ups, and that’s without mentioning whether your chosen candidate will be successful within their role. This blog could be perfect for you if you are terrified by your recruitment processes and aren’t sure where to turn! Find out about the benefits of outsourcing your recruitment to an external recruitment agency and how Perfect Team could be the best recruitment choice you make this year.

Redefine your hiring process when you choose to outsource your recruitment needs

Suppose you feel the pressure of finding new candidates for your upcoming roles, and you don’t seem to be getting anywhere fast. In that case, this may be a fantastic opportunity to address your company culture of recruitment and look at your internal recruitment processes. You may find that with just a few tweaks, you get back on track and can continue to keep your recruiting process in house, however for those who are still struggling to keep on top of the applications and the quality of candidates coming through, it may be time to consider an external recruitment agency to free up your time and let you concentrate on the daily business running.

We advise only working with one recruitment agency at a time – find the perfect recruitment team who works with you in mind and supports your business. Working with multiple agencies may result in you taking a much more in-depth role in the recruitment process and could lead to confusion – both elements you are trying to avoid when working with an external recruiter.

Finding the perfect candidates with an external recruitment agency

Perfect Team pride itself on being able to find qualified candidates who are perfect for your role. We enjoy sourcing those potential candidates who are likely to stay within your job role and are keen to progress into further opportunities within your company. Unlike many other engineering recruitment agencies, we take the time to learn about you and your company, what you are looking for and who would be the perfect fit for the team before finding the best candidates for you.

We interview all candidates before passing them to you so we can be sure they are suitable for the role. Once this has taken place, we invest time in compiling a thorough profile of the candidate, including all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether you feel they would be the right fit for your role. This profile, along with the candidates’ CV, is passed along to you or your representative along with any other information we feel is relevant. If you are happy to proceed, we support organising an interview between yourselves and the candidate so you can be sure they are a perfect choice.

Alongside our thorough recruitment process, we offer a 100-day guarantee. If your perfect team candidate leaves within 100 days of starting, we will give you a complete refund or find a replacement free of charge. Many of our clients have been with us for years, and during this time, the guarantee has only been used once – proof that our processes work. We believe we are the external recruitment agency for you and your business.

The benefits of working with an external recruitment agency

The aim of an external recruitment agency is to support you to find and hire the perfect candidates. There are many benefits to working with a recruitment company, and these benefits support your business and your staff:

Complete focus on your roles – when you are advertising using internal processes, whether, through various job boards or social media sites, you may be inundated with many applications, resulting in taking a lot of time to sift through the suitable vs unsuitable candidates. Recruitment Agencies like Perfect Team take this arduous task away from you, leaving you to concentrate on the daily running of your business.

High-quality candidates – your recruitment agency is working on your behalf and is, therefore, more likely to find better candidates for your role. Alongside this, they will sort through the unsuitable candidates before informing you of the number of candidates that have applied. This is great for you as you will only see those candidates that could be perfect for your role.

Qualified and skilled – recruitment agencies have the skill and qualifications to work in this industry and therefore are much better equipped to source and locate the best candidates for your position. They have the know-how and the expertise to complete this on your behalf to great success.

Support to develop your job spec – as recruiters are working on roles every day, they have come across thousands of job descriptions and specifications, making them the ideal people to speak to about improving your specs and descriptions to attract suitable candidates.

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Perfect Team – the perfect engineering recruitment specialists for your business

Looking for a specialist external recruitment agency with knowledge of the job market and how to achieve your long and short term recruitment goals? Perfect Team is the choice for you. Our recruitment methods are proven to work both for the client and the candidate. Our long-term work with some fantastic engineering companies means we have specialist knowledge of the engineering industry and how to recruit a successful candidate within this world.

Speak to our team and book an appointment or find out some more information about our services. Why not give us a call or drop us an email and organise the best time to talk about taking your recruitment processes to the next level.