Top Tips for Looking for a Job

Well done on getting an interview! Here are a few tips to help you prepare and position yourself with a great chance of getting the role.

Before the interview 

  • It’s important to dress for the role you want when you go for an interview, so wearing a business suit is always advisable. If you don’t have a suit, then buy a smart pair of black or navy trousers or a skirt, the same colour jacket and a white shirt.  Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Matalan are great places for very cheap but smart clothing.
  • If you don’t have a suit, you can ask your Job Centre contact if they can help you pay for a suit, as they do have a budget for this.
  • Before the interview, do as much preparation as you can on the company, the interviewer and the role. It’s a good idea to make some notes, and prepare some questions, to show you’re keen.   Check out the company website and see if they’ve been in the news for anything recently.  You can also look at company and individual profiles on LinkedIn.
  • Take time before the interview to think about why you’re the right person for the role. It’s also wise to think about the experience and knowledge you have which proves your suitability, so you can talk about this in your interview.
  • If you are already employed, think about how you will answer any questions about why you’re leaving your current company.
  • Well before your interview, work out how you are going to get to the interview. Check on the day to make sure that traffic or roadworks won’t delay you.  Leave in good time to get there a little early.

During the interview

  • When you walk into the room, hold your head high and smile. Give the interviewer(s) a nice firm handshake and maintain eye contact while you are talking and listening to them.
  • It’s OK to tell the interviewer that you’re nervous – they will understand – but try not to fidget if possible.
  • Don’t badmouth the company you’re working for now – or any previous employer or colleague.
  • Towards the end of your interview, if you are interested in the role, ask what the next stage would be.
  • As you leave, shake their hand and thank them for their time.


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