the perfect team


How does The Perfect Team source candidates for our positions?

When it comes to sourcing the right candidates for your positions, The Perfect Team take the time to understand your business working culture, goals and what you hope to achieve. After this, we can search for an appropriate candidate with the right attitudes and skills for the job. We take a thorough approach to recruitment. We start by meeting and interviewing all candidates. We do this before introducing them to you. This allows us to complete a detailed and complex profile for each candidate. This will include information based on the candidate’s current and expected salary, interview availability and when they would be able to join your team. You will also have their CV to look at. With this information, you can then make the decision about whether you want to interview them.

How can we engage our candidates in our roles?

Keeping candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process is vital. You can engage candidates by strengthening your employer brand, putting the focus on them, giving candidates specific instructions and don’t make the process longer than it needs to be. You should also make their interview experience positive and respond as quickly as possible. Other key ways of engaging candidates include creating excitement in your company, roles and culture and always giving detailed and comprehensive feedback.

Does The Perfect Team speak with candidates before passing them to us?

Yes, we always speak to all the candidates before we pass them to you. We interview them first so we can complete a detailed and complex profile for each candidate. This will include information based on the candidate’s current and expected salary, interview availability and when they would be able to join your team. You will also have their CV to look at. From this, you can then decide if you would like to take them through your internal interview process or not.

What recruitment services does The Perfect Team offer local businesses?

We follow a simple but effective procedure for the recruitment services that we offer to local businesses. We start by understanding your business in detail. Next, we search for appropriate candidates. Before we introduce them to you, we meet and interview them ourselves. From this, we can produce a detailed and complex profile for each candidate. Alongside this, you will also have access to their CV. With the profile we create and the candidate’s CV, you can decide if you wish to interview them or not. We believe our recruitment services will help your business to find the perfect employees to join your team.

What recruitment sectors does The Perfect Team recruit to?

The Perfect Team ensures each candidate presented to you and your business has been picked carefully, with deep thought and consideration. The Perfect Team makes sure that the candidate fits your job role. These jobs range from engineering to corporate positions within owner-managed SME’s. The Perfect Team helps a number of companies in different sectors find new employees. For example, accounting, marketing, purchasing, in and outbound sales, administration, customer service and facilities. Other sectors include mechanical, project, chemical and sales engineering. The Perfect Team manages all the recruitment needs for the engineering market leader in the supply of the CNC- Citizen Machinery UK Ltd. Get in contact today to find out what jobs are being offered by other companies in a sector you have a keen interest in.


Will The Perfect Team give me advice about the position and hiring team?

The Perfect Team will give you lots of detailed advice about the position and hiring team. We give you comprehensive information about the company and the team you could be working with in the future. We believe this is a crucial step as it confirms if the position is right for you. We will give you as much advice as possible at every stage of the process.

What are the benefits of registering with The Perfect Team?

Unlike other recruiters, we won’t waste your time. We wait for the perfect job role for you. With The Perfect Team, you will have a very personal experience as we want to get to know you as well as possible. We listen to your background and go through your CV and previous experience you have. We want to know what your perfect job would be so we can help you make it happen. We make this process as personal as possible so that we can help and support you in finding a job and company you will love and enjoy working for. The Perfect Team are always on your side. Once we have helped you to get the job you want, we keep in contact with you. We want you to have your dream job!

Can I apply for specific roles The Perfect Team are recruiting for?

The Perfect Team support candidates to find roles within owner-managed SME’s based across the Home Counties, Middlesex and North London. We specialise in permanent commercial and engineering roles. However, we have a wide range of roles for all levels, so don’t worry, we will find the perfect job for you. You can apply for specific roles The Perfect Team are recruiting for if we believe you are an appropriate candidate for that company.

How long will my application process take?

Unfortunately, this is different with every company, and it very much depends on how long the hiring company takes. It also depends on the role you are going for, but to keep things moving along, ensure you are responding to emails, answering the phone and being prompt with your availability.

Will you stay in contact with me throughout the process?

The Perfect Team will be in contact with you, helping and supporting you at every stage of the process. We even stay in contact with you after you have got the job you wanted. We are always at the end of the phone if you need anything. We want to help you as much as we possibly can!