Recruitment during the pandemic

In March 2020, the world began to close its doors to try and control the spread of Covid-19 and protect all citizens from this potentially deadly virus. Every person and business was affected somehow, from those who caught the virus to those industries that were not able to open to the public or trade until it was deemed safe to do so.

Many were left without a job in such uncertain times, whether through the furlough scheme or by being made redundant. The recruitment industry became more important than ever before, with many candidates seeking new roles, often in new industries. But with face to face meetings becoming a thing of the past and zoom being the new way to do business, how did recruitment teams adapt to their new surroundings?

How the pandemic is affecting the recruitment world

As the coronavirus crisis continues to play a large part in current life, entire organisations feel the squeeze. No matter your organisations’ size, local business is in hardship, and job roles are scarce. Candidates everywhere are looking for new positions, but finding the perfect fit requires creativity and work across the recruiting cycle.

Recruitment companies were just as affected as other businesses when the Department of Health advised a complete lockdown in March 2020. With businesses losing money, recruitment roles were cut back rather than increased, and job opportunities continue to reduce even a year later.

Alongside businesses suffering from lack of income, the lockdown also took its toll on workers through mental health and stress. Many employees have been made redundant and have not been able to find similar positions or have not been able due to the impact on their health and wellbeing.

Adapting and refining communication to support relationships

Good communication is key to sourcing the best candidates for a clients role. With face to face communication being removed for most of the last year, Perfect Team had to ensure their communication adapted to suit the times.

As Perfect Team complete a pre-interview with all their candidates before introducing them to the client, it was clear that this element of the finding perfect people stage could not be removed. A crucial part of what makes Perfect Team different from other recruitment agencies is getting to know the candidate, answering any questions and ensuring they are the right fit for the role.

An exciting opportunity came along in the form of Zoom meetings were introduced into homes and business as a way of communicating with our loved ones, colleagues and clients on a day to day basis whilst stuck at home. A new way of communicating clearly with either a team of people or on a one to one basis, this communication form became very popular. It opened up the possibility of continuing to interview from a screen. Safer than face to face meetings and much more personal than a phone discussion, Zoom allowed getting to know talented people before passing their information to the client.

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About the Perfect Team

Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic in the Recruitment Industry

Having a strong company culture with good morals and values has been critical during this challenging period.

Potential candidates needed advice and guidance mainly when they were keen to find a new role or worried that their current roles may change or disappear. Searching for the perfect role during the pandemic became either incredibly difficult or much more accessible, depending on which industry you were in when the pandemic hit. Whilst many businesses were put on hold due to being part of the entertainment/hospitality / non-essential industry, those who became keyworkers, including teachers, healthcare assistants, supermarket workers and qualified health professionals, were well sought after, and positions started to open up.

Clients flexibly needed recruitment support and reassurance throughout the lockdown period. Both sides needed a reliable team they could trust to continue with their recruitment process where possible and adapt to the needs of the clients and businesses as times became more uncertain. Clients needed support to redefine their employee growth plan and look at their recruitment budgets to understand where cutbacks from key roles could be made and how they would be able to continue in either the same way or an adapted way.

Perfect Team have worked hard in the last 21 years to form relationships with both clients and the candidates they support. Their expertise and understanding of the recruitment industry and how to continue through challenging times was utilised well by the clients they helped and continue to support.

Perfect Team are not just a recruitment agency. They are a support network to businesses and candidates alike who are all looking for the same outcome – to fill the perfect role.

The Perfect Team deliver high-quality recruitment in the most challenging times.

Ruth Goodmaker, the founder of Perfect Team, has been delivering high-quality customer service to all clients and candidates for over 21 years. No matter the situation, Perfect Team are recruitment specialists sourcing the perfect candidates for their clients and the ideal roles for their job seekers.

If you are a business looking to source a calibre of candidate that are never second best, contact Perfect Team today to discuss your requirements.

Are you a candidate searching for the perfect role? You have come to the right place. Why not complete our contact form and register your CV with Perfect Team today to see where they can take you?