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The Perfect Team have a fantastic amount of success stories from their candidates that should be showcased to all looking for a desirable career path. One that stood out in particular for us was the story of Becc Hancock. Becc started her career journey as a child working with her dad, who is also an engineer. This created a spark in Becc that carried her through to adulthood, where she is now a qualified, successful female engineer. In such a male-dominated environment as the engineering sector, we wanted to know more about Becc’s journey and how the Perfect Team helped her achieve her dreams.

Can you tell us about your career path and when this all started for you?

I would say it all started when I was little. My dad is an engineer and had his own company, where I used to go and help out. Probably not realising that I would one day be an engineer too. I only started by working in a preparation shop for the parts to be made. It was way too easy for me, and my boss started to move me around the factory. I went from electroplating, grinding, pressing and then on to manual turning on a lathe. An XYZ CNC was brought into the factory, and he allowed me to teach myself to program it, and soon he offered me an apprenticeship at the age of 21. After completing the course, I started to work my up through new companies to become a competent programmer on FANUC fixed head Turn/Mill CNC machines, online and offline. I’ve made parts for many industries, including MOD, Aerospace, Nuclear, F1 and medical. Although I enjoyed my job, it included me sitting a lot to the program, and I wanted to be more hands-on.

Do you remember when you first decided to become an engineer?

I originally wanted to be an Armourer in the army, so still an engineer, just less manufacturing. I didn’t go through with it and ended up getting a temporary job at a small manufacturing company. I’m someone who likes to keep busy, and I find how things are made incredibly interesting. It suited me well, and I rolled with it, just taking each opportunity I was given.

What was most surprising to you about working with the Perfect Team?

The enthusiastic encouragement and constant communication I received from the Perfect Team throughout my journey with them [was surprising]. I didn’t feel left out of the know at any point; it’s very reassuring.

Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of?

Genuinely just everything I’ve worked through. I feel I started from the bottom of engineering, worked my way to the top, and now have found my ground. Running, setting, operating and programming a CNC, to now doing all of the mechanical and electrical sides feels good all around.

I’m so proud of being a female engineer in such a dominant male environment. It’s nice to feel equal. The majority of the places I go to now on the road, I always get the compliment “It’s nice to see a female engineer”, and even though it’s sad that it’s something which is said as if there were more female engineers, it would be said less. However, I do take pride in it, and my reply is always “yeah, I love it”.

When did you first hear about Ruth and her recruitment company?

Ruth found me! I had put my CV out online and specified I wanted to be a service engineer.  I was a programmer, setter and operator before it wasn’t anything I had experience in, and I was struggling to find a service engineer role I wanted.

What was it like before you found the role you are in now?

Before becoming a service engineer, my life was very routine, same times, same jobs, same place etc. Although it all depends on where you work, I understand many companies get given new jobs all the time to program, but where I worked, not so much. I wasn’t pushed enough, and I knew I could do more. Now, I’m on the road; I meet new people, have new problems to solve/fix, take pride in doing a good job, and see many different places. I have learned so much more about engineering. I see new tools and methods of making products. It benefits my life in a lot of ways.

How did you know when this was the perfect role for you?

I just felt super happy, comfortable and took to it like a duck to water. My previous experience in CNC’s and numerous different factory environments helped me be so comfortable in the Service Engineer role. This job keeps me busy; I love to solve, fix and take things apart, put them back together, and socialise and something new every day.  It’s an excellent match for my personality.

What was the biggest challenge you were facing when looking for an engineering role?

There is constant learning in the engineering industry, new machining methods, tools, machines, etc. So when you think you know the most (at your current company) going to a new company, I always thought id have to go in at the bottom again. I was always unaware of my level of skill. Applying for jobs was hard as I didn’t want to go in below my skill set or put me too far in the deep end. Knowing your skillset, applying for, and what’s right for you is hard to get.

What would you say to someone considering looking for a position with Perfect Team?

As I said, finding the RIGHT job for yourself is hard. Hunting through so many job adverts and writing to companies is difficult. There’s a lot of uncertainty. I thoroughly recommend them; they took all of that away and felt so on top of thing for me.

What do you think other people should know about Perfect Team?

A fantastic company to work with, Ruth is so great, and we still keep in contact now; she makes sure I’m still enjoying my job, and everything is ok.

How has this position changed you?

I think it’s essential to have a job you enjoy getting up and going to, it makes such a difference mentally, and I’m living such a happier life!

To read more about Perfect Team, why not take a look at Engineering the Perfect Team, or get in touch through our candidates’ page to see if you could have a story like Becc’s.