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We are moving into an ever more digital world, where social media and messaging platforms seem to be overtaking phone calls and emails. Many of us forget that verbal communication skills are at the heart of most careers, and often this is judged as soon as local employers make initial contact via phone calls.

This month, Perfect Team look into bad telephone manners that can often result in you losing a role before you even interview for it. Check out our top tips for successful telephone manners and how to land that perfect role.

Are you letting your phone go to voicemail? Not answering puts local employers right off!

Recently, Perfect Team has found that verbal communication skills seem to be disappearing. Many candidates are not answering phone calls or returning voicemails. When candidates answer the phone, they often speak to us as friends rather than a professional recruitment company, with opening lines including ‘what’s up?’ and ‘what do you want?’. Unfortunately, slang terminology is making its way to the forefront of our communication, which doesn’t bode well for those searching for a new career.

Look at it from a local employers point of view. You have two candidates to call. One answers the phone politely, actively listens and discusses the role with eagerness. They are engaging and keen to give you information about themselves relating to the position. The second candidate doesn’t answer the phone, and their voicemail greeting sounds like it was recorded at a party. When and if they call you back, their tone and manner leaves a lot to be desired; they speak to you like a mate rather than a potential employer. All they talk about is how desperate they are for a job because they are ‘skint’ and need the money. Which candidate are you more likely to invite to interview?

Consequences of answering your phone badly when looking for a new job

Phone calls are often the first contact you will have with a business If your communication skills let you down, it could be your last contact. Taking your phone calls seriously will leave a good impression on local employers or recruitment teams, whereas bad manners will end with your CV at the bottom of a pile.

You wouldn’t go into work dishevelled, late or without the proper attire, so why create this image in the heads of local employers when you answer the phone? Business owners are looking for professional phone etiquette in the first instance to distinguish between good potential employees and bad ones.

At Perfect Team, we cannot stress the importance of making an excellent first impression enough when you get a phone call. Unless you are driving or already in the middle of something at work, try your best to answer the phone call as soon as you can. Introduce yourself when you answer, and this will immediately start the phone call in a positive way. So many candidates miss out on a golden opportunity simply because they cannot answer the phone correctly and speak professionally.

Top tips to be successful when talking on the phone with local employers

Are you reading this and worrying about answering the phone correctly in the future? Perfect Team have put together some proper phone etiquette tips to help you with your telephone manner:

Answer professionally – From the moment you answer the phone, you should be speaking professionally. Avoid slang terms or colloquialisms that leave the person on the end of the telephone confused or frustrated. Ask the person how they are and remain polite throughout.

Active listening – focus on the conversation, don’t interrupt when someone else is talking and ask questions relating to the conversation to show you are enthusiastic and listening.

Take an interest – No matter the role you are discussing, always take an interest in the position and ask questions to find more information from the employer or recruitment team.

Don’t discuss money straight away – there is nothing worse than speaking to a candidate, and all they show an interest in is the money they will make. Try to leave money discussions until further on in the conversation. Don’t say that you need any job due to the money. This shows a lack of interest in the position and shows you are just looking for money.

Pens and paper ready – try not to ask the caller to repeat everything they have just said. Be sure to make notes of the conversation, including any time and dates that may have been discussed. Repeat those back to the caller to confirm you have taken them down correctly.

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The Perfect Team are the best link to your local employers

Perfect Team are not your average recruitment agency. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, we have built a reputation for being reliable. Perfect Team are honest and good at recruiting suitable candidates for careers – not just jobs. We work closely with employers to find the ideal candidates and our work with candidates is of the highest quality. We will ensure you are ready for the interview and the role and will prep you for a job interview and go through the job description with you.

For more information or to register as a candidate, head over to our candidates’ page or speak to the team today. Don’t forget – your telephone manner is more important than you think when looking for your dream career.