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The Perfect Team have a fantastic amount of success stories from their candidates that should be showcased to all looking for a desirable career path. One that stood out in particular for us was the story of Becc Hancock. Becc started her career journey as a child working with her dad, who is also an engineer. This created a spark in Becc that carried her through to adulthood, where she is now a qualified, successful female engineer.

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Engineering Recruitment

Are you looking for a Recruiter in the Engineering sector? Perfect Team are taking recruitment one step further. With 21 years of recruitment experience and providing services to temporary and permanent recruitment positions, Perfect Team can offer clients a great deal more flexibility and range to find the best employees for their business.

Founded 21 years ago by Ruth Goodmaker, Perfect Team takes a somewhat different recruitment approach. Perfect Team specialises in corporate roles in a variety of sectors,

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