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The growing need for an external recruitment agency in 2022

As the world of work becomes increasingly fast-paced, finding the time to hire great candidates can often seem like an impossible task. Where would you even start looking for the perfect team member? You may not have the time to headhunt new staff members, and sifting through those CVs will take hours. As the business world grows, so does the importance of working with a local recruitment agency.

The idea of an external recruitment agency is to save you time and money on your hiring process. A local recruitment agency can go one step further as they know your location and surroundings well and will probably have a considerable candidate base where they can start. Let’s look at how you can get the best from your local recruitment agency in 2022.

Getting the best out of your local recruitment agency

Define your communication channels

Good communication with your local recruitment agency can mean the difference between you receiving great quality candidates or not. From the very beginning, you should establish an open communication channel with your recruiter in a way that suits you both. Whether that’s emails, weekly phone calls or face to face meetings, the communication needs to work both ways. A good recruiter will be able to answer your questions with advice and guidance for candidates and job roles. In turn, you should be open with your recruiter about who you are looking for so they can find the best candidate.

Provide open and honest feedback

If you interview a candidate that your recruiter thinks is perfect, but you cannot stand – provide your recruiter with feedback. You may be surprised at the number of times a business denies a candidate without providing feedback to the person who initially found them. A recruiter will not improve their candidate sourcing without knowing why the others were not up to scratch. That being said, don’t slate the candidates. The feedback should still be a positive process where both parties can learn.

Try to meet face to face (in your offices)

For a recruiter to become a valid extension of your team, they should be keen to see the inner workings of your business. They will want to spend time with you and your team to understand your business, the team you are looking to grow and most importantly, the kind of person who will fit within your team. Your business culture should be accurately represented when finding the ideal candidates, and it can be challenging to sell a role or a company to someone if you don’t have all the facts.

Don’t work with multiple agencies

We get it – you are stressed and need to grow your team as quickly as possible. Whilst the idea of using multiple recruitment agencies may be appealing, it’s imperative that you find a local recruitment agency that works well for you, rather than working with many at once. This can be an overwhelming prospect at the best of times, and you won’t build that critical relationship with your recruiter if you are working with a handful. We advise that you find the perfect agency for you and trust them to find your brilliant candidates.

Listen to their advice and guidance

An experienced recruitment team will have worked in the industry for many years, so there isn’t much they won’t know about recruiting. Often, they will have advice and guidance they are willing to share with you to make your recruitment process more streamlined or to give the candidate who surprises you a chance at an interview. This advice shows the confidence recruiters have in specific candidates and will demonstrate their experience in the recruitment industry.

The benefits of working with a local recruitment agency

When it comes to recruiting the most talented people for your company, the best option is to work with a local recruitment agency. A recruiter from a local agency will know the area, the people and the companies. That’s why they can find the best candidates for your role. Here are some of the benefits of staying local:

  • Your recruitment agency knows your location
  • They will already have connections in the area
  • They will be able to meet with your candidate before you
  • Your recruiter will understand the average pay for the role
  • You are more likely to form a good working relationship with a local recruiter

There are many benefits to working with a local recruitment agency. Most importantly, you will feel more comfortable and confident that your recruiter is on your doorstep and understands the location you work in, plus the available candidates.

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Perfect Team is the local recruitment agency you need in 2022

Finding the right candidate for a particular job is a process that is never easy. You’ll have to consider the candidate’s experience, past work, education, and potential the candidate has. For the most part, companies have their own recruitment agencies, but if you’re not in the position to hire your own, then you’ll have to find an external recruitment agency.

For over 20 years, Perfect Team has been the seamless extension of many local businesses. We have supported a variety of clients to find the perfect candidate, and we pride ourselves on the relationships we maintain with both employers and employees. If you are looking for a local recruitment agency you can trust, contact Perfect Team today to see how we help businesses grow.