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Questions you should be asking your external recruitment team

Hiring and retaining talented employees is a challenge that many businesses face today. But if you have a small team and a tight budget, you may not have the resources to hire a professional recruiter to assist you. So, how do you find suitable candidates for your company? One of the most important things you should consider when hiring an external recruitment agency is the team’s experience. If you want to get the best candidates for your company, you need to ask the right questions.

How long have you been in the recruitment industry?

There are so many recruitment companies available today that it can be challenging to find the one that works for you. We suggest you start by finding out as much as possible about the recruitment company, including their experience and how long they have been in the recruitment industry. This will give you a good idea about the level of their success.

What is your process for finding the right candidates?

Whether you have someone completing your recruitment for you or you are doing it yourself, the candidate still has to be suitable for your business, so finding out about your external recruitment company’s process is essential. If they have pulled someone in off the street and sat them down for an interview, the chances are that candidate will be no good for your position. Learning about their processes will give you a good understanding of how well they will do in filling your position.

Will you meet with the candidates before you invite them to interview?

You want your external recruitment agency to be friendly and approachable. A simple way of finding this out is to see how much involvement they have with your potential candidates before they are offered to you. Choose a recruiter who takes the time to get to know their candidates before introducing them to you. If your chosen recruiter is only emailing them and getting them to send in a CV, they will not know the candidate well and could be looking for the wrong people.

How do I get feedback on the candidates you have found for my position?

Communication is key. As an employer, you need to know how you will hear about the candidates your recruiter has found. Will this be as and when they come through, over a weekly meeting, or perhaps you will have to chase them for updates. The worst thing is letting a recruiter get on sourcing the best employee and then not hearing from them and wondering what is going on.

How do you integrate your external recruitment services into my business?

How much involvement will your external recruitment company have with your business? Will they come in and meet you, discuss your business ethos and what you are looking for or are they happy with an email? Recruitment should be an extension of your business model, and you won’t get that if your recruiter stays away from meeting you.

What positions do you usually hire for?

Another great way to learn about your external recruitment team’s experience is to know more about the positions they usually recruit for. Every recruiter has their niche – a role they repeatedly fill where every candidate and employer is happy. But if they are used to recruiting pilots and you are looking for a finance manager, you may not get what you are expecting.

Do you have any feedback from other clients?

Don’t trust what the recruiter says; ask to see their reviews and feedback from other clients who have worked with them in the past. Google reviews will offer you insight, but trust the recruiter’s feedback via email or letter as a good measure.

Do you have any success metrics from previous work?

Ask your recruiter about how they measure success. Measuring success in recruitment can be pretty straightforward. They either found a successful candidate to fill a position or didn’t. Don’t stop there, though. Ask how many candidates are still in employment with that company.

What happens if the candidate we hire from you doesn’t work out?

It’s unfortunate that many great candidates don’t work out in positions for various reasons. Find out from your recruiter how they will help and support you if your candidate decides the job isn’t for them.

Do you have any repeat external recruitment clients?

If an external recruitment team is good, clients are more likely to return to them for more candidates. Ask your recruiter how many repeat clients they work with to measure their success.

The benefits of having an external recruitment company

Recruiting can be a time-consuming and frustrating task if you’re unsure what you’re doing. But, when you’ve got a fantastic recruitment agency to help you out, it can be one of the most fulfilling and essential parts of the hiring process. Finding the right team members can be the difference between success and failure, so you must take the time to find the right agency to handle your recruitment. When you do, you can benefit from having more time, an increased staff force and decreased workload, and you may even get to have a little time off to enjoy the sun!

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